Jasmine Scrub


Slip into the beauty of a bath rich with lotus, jasmine petals, ylang ylang and herbal salt, a revitalizing blend working to renew the body and its systems at the cellular level.

Honey tamarind Milk Scrub


As the national tree, the sugar palm represents the high hopes and aspirations of the Cambodian people. Blending with aloe vera and jas¬mine, the body is draped in our palm

Pineapple Scrub


Soak in the perfume of the apsaras. Fragrant rose, lotus petals and eucalyptus combine in basil milk to deeply hydrate, soothe and renew, refreshing and relaxing completely.

Coconut Scrub


A hydrating scrub, massage like application of our coconut, ner¬oli, tea tree and basil exfoliator brightens skin and invigorates the body, ensuring optimal moisture content and restoring skin tone.

Coffee Scrub


Warming the skin with our rejuvenating, uplifting blend of papaya and grapefruit wrapped in a hot cocoon, this is a full-body anti-ageing skin treatment for all types except the most sensitive. Exfoliating and deeply nourishing, you’ll emerge with new energy and focus.

Honey Yogurt Wrap


A sacred trio of lotus, jasmine and ylang ylang combine to calm the senses while gently exfoliating, moisturizing and softening, leaving skin firmer with a finer texture following this scrub and hydration treatment.

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